brought to you by the letter s

i’m playing in a fun game with my friend tracy where i am supposed to come up with my 10 favorite things that start with the letter s. fun! she says she knows one that’ll surely be on my list. let’s see if she’s right! here they are, in no particular order …

10. shopping. anyone who knows me knows this is the truth. my shopping lists have changed dramatically in the past year—from clothes for me and things for our place to all baby stuff all the time. i love it!

9. starbucks tall, non-fat, decaf peppermint mochas. really they’re just on the menu during the holidays, but they’ll make them for you year round if you ask. yum.

8. spain. tripper and i took a fantastic trip to barcelona and sitges a few years back. it was incredible. i’ll see if i can dig up a few pictures.

7. snapshots. tripper’s got the real eye, but i do love my snapshots of everyday life—especially now that the boys are here.

6. suite life of zack and cody. if you tell anyone, i’ll deny it ’til i’m blue in the face!

5. sleeping. even more now that i can’t just do it whenever.

4. summer. it’s my favorite season. i love everything about summer the best, except the clothes (winter gets my vote there).

3. sweets. i have a big sweet tooth.

2. slate. i love my job!

1. shooting allens. what can i say? 😉

if you want to play along, please do. your letter is y—why? because i like you!


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