puberty? ain’t that the pits.


ok, we haven’t hit puberty yet (thank goodness), but it sure looked like it yesterday! let me explain.

back in november i purchased these cute-as-a-button chocolate sweater one piecers from the gap for the boys to wear for thanksgiving. well, thanksgiving was about 70° so we opted for something cooler and i packed the sweaters away. yesterday i was cleaning out the boys’ dresser and saw them again. i figured they were too small, but decided to give them a try—especially since it was freezing yesterday and these little sweaters happened to button down the front (a huge bonus when dealing with a helmet). i put them in the sweaters and they fit!

about 20 minutes later, i picked up alex and his hands and feet were super sweaty. he gets hot in that hat of his, so i decided to change him out of the sweater. i took one arm out and voila! armpit hair! at least that’s what it looked like. really it was just brown sweater fuzz. i haven’t laughed that hard in a long time.

i took the rest of the outfit off and his body was covered in sweater fuzz. ugh! it took forever to de-fuzz the little guy. luckily, since max wasn’t as hot, his fuzz wasn’t that bad—only in the spots where he drooled.

no more cute chocolate brown sweaters for this crew! i want my babies to stay babies for a while 😉


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