guess who’s coming to dinner

last night tripper, the boys and i went to a dinner party at our friend kim‘s house. a saturday night out!! kim and her husband, jim, are the happy parents of reese, the boys’ first and only playdate. our friend kristi and her family—hubby jeff, daughter emery and son brayden—were also invited. five babies under three and six adults—what fun!

kim had probably every single one of reese’s big toys out for the boys and emery to play with. the boys got to try out an awesome boppy bouncy seat that was so plush it made me feel bad about the ones they have at home! after the kiddos were sort of settled, she served an awesome pasta dish with au gratin shrimp (that she made herself!) plus a yummy chopped salad with fresh bleu cheese and crusty bread. i cleaned my plate!

i can’t tell you what it does for the spirit to get out and about and last night was perfect. i had a glass of wine, lots of laughs and got to wear my new jeans! i brought my camera, but for some reason didn’t take a single picture. booo on me. we are planning on making this a monthly thing, so i’ll be sure to take pictures next time!


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