thanks, daddy!


i had an unforgettable day today—i got to spend from before sun up to right at sun down with my dad and my boys. all four of us were cooped up in the car driving to and from charlotte—not the ideal setting for a father/daughter/grandsons day—but i wouldn’t change a minute. well, ok, there’s one minute i’d change (dad, you know which one), but today was definitely one to remember for always. it’s been a long time since i got to spend the whole day with my dad. i really, really enjoyed myself.

500 miles
400 laughs
300 jelly beans
200 stories
100 extra miles for dad (sorry!!)
50 minutes to spare
25 gallons of gas
10 strange truckers (ok, only 4 but that would have messed up my pattern)
5 calls to mum
3 diaper changes
2 adorable little boys
and 1 very lucky girl

alex’s appointment was great. he grew 3mm and lisa, the orthotist, was very pleased with the shape of his head. it was neat having my dad there and lisa did a great job explaining how everything worked. we left about 45 minutes after we got there and the drive home was actually pretty ok. about half-way back, we got a call from the doctor regarding max. she wanted to have us come in for some bloodwork so we can get to the bottom of his eating issues (he’s only eating about 10-12oz. per day now and is so very tiny).

so, the rest of the ride home became a game of beat the clock. nobody told alex, however, and we had to stop half a dozen times to eat or soothe or stretch or get some fresh air. we made it though, with 50 minutes to spare. they took blood from max (the one minute i’d change from today—poor little bub) and will run a battery of tests for allergies. hopefully we’ll get this all figured out soon!

anyway, dad—thanks for a great day. i loved every minute (except that one). next time, let’s take the boys fishing though, ok? love you! xoxo.


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