letter: month nine

we are having technical difficulties with our camera. more pictures soon …

well boys, you’ve officially been out in the world longer than you were in my belly. i can hardly believe it. this time has flown by. FLOWN. it’s hard to imagine life before you. you have brought your dad and i such joy. you complete us and had us way before hello.

this was a big month for you kiddos. you had your first valentine’s day, celebrated ceecee and grandpa’s birthdays, got caught in a major snow storm, went to a cookout, walked through the woods, watched the oscars and you both crawled!

after sitting back and watching max rocking back and forth on all fours for what seemed like months, you actually crawled first. your incentive? daddy’s shiny, fancy watch. your crawling style is all your own. you barely lift your belly off the floor and instead almost worm your way over to what you want. your feet kick behind you a million miles an hour, like if you were splashing in a pool, and your little face is so determined. you are so very precious.

this month you also started practicing your consonants. each day you change it up a bit—buh-buh-buh-buh-buh, th-th-th-th-th, duh-duh-duh-duh-duh. and once you even said “dah-deeeee.” it was beautiful! still no muh-muh-muh yet. it hurts a little.

you are a real pro when it comes to eating. you drain your bottle each time and eagerly try new flavors. when it came time to try stage three foods—the ones that are a little lumpier for texture, i was totally stunned that you wouldn’t eat it. you ever so dramatically gagged on a half-piece of rice in your green beans and flat out refused to eat lumpy peas. we took you back down to stage two when you gagged so hard on a little lump of apple that you actually made yourself throw up. we can take a hint. you are not ready.

each morning you wake up with the biggest smile on your face, which instantly puts one on mine. you’ve taken to sleeping on your tummy and prefer to stick your tush up in the air. so cute. you also can reach your mobile now and were quite sad when we took it out of your bed. you miss the red bunny. don’t worry, he’ll be back just as soon as we lower your crib. again. time is flying!

your crawling is textbook. all that practicing and you have it down, little mister! you look adorable making your way across the floor. you are bound and determined and get faster and faster as you go. you may have let alex crawl first, but ten minutes later you were crawling circles around the poor guy!

this month started off terribly for you as far as eating goes. you simply stopped. we have no idea why and were within inches of you having to be hospitalized. you must have heard and decided the hospital just wasn’t your thing because at the 11th hour, you decided to eat. you ate just enough to keep you from booking a room at scottish rite. and then, just as soon as you stopped, you started up again. of course we have to put sugar in your formula to get you to eat it, but you are eating again. and for that we are so grateful.


now that you are full, you seem really happy. you smile so much, especially when we pull out the camera. somehow you know to turn on the charm and boy do you dazzle! your whole being is just precious. just as quickly, however, it can go the other way. you sure know how to throw a fit! it seems to be all about extremes for you lately. i wonder if that’s the gemini in you? or that little imp!

you have perfected your sweet singing voice over the past month and that’s what we wake up to most mornings. you take the high notes and alex takes the low. it’s so fun to listen to your chatter from crib to crib. speaking of cribs, you have just recently started trying to pull up on yours. it’s making me a nervous wreck. i’m so afraid you’re going to hurt yourself as you don’t seem to understand yet that letting go means falling down. anyway, you seem to really want to look out your window. it’s a pastime you really, really love. you could stand in the corner of your crib for hours watching the cars go by, lifting up your eyebrows as they get closer and closer and then turning to me or daddy to smile like, “did you see that?!” believe me, we saw.

i love you boys.




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