my huckleberry friend

over the past few nights, both boys have had a hard time going to bed—especially alex. tonight was no exception. he was wailing—on par with a coyote during a full moon. after about 30 minutes i started to fear his crying would turn into inconsolable hysterics, so i picked him up and brought him to the dark living room.

we rocked in the glider and i sang to him—moon river. (it’s really the only song in the whole world i know all the words to.) he calmed down and eventually snuggled down with his head on my chest. we rocked and rocked and i sang quietly. well, each time i got to the huckleberry friend part, my sweet little boy started laughing! every single time! this is totally one of those things i want to remember forever.

you know, he also cracks up when i recite the ickle me, pickle me, tickle me too poem. i thought maybe the “ckle” sound was the culprit, but strangely, buckle doesn’t even get a chuckle.


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