2:10. that’s what time tripper was finally able to get alex to sleep last night. yup, our great little sleeper has decided to stop sleeping. we tried everything—from mommy cuddling to daddy rocking to mommy singing to daddy feeding—and about 100 other things. nothing would console the little guy. i think it’s teething, but i say that for everything. we shall see.

we finally got to sleep and max, who went to bed on time without issue, decided to be an early bird. he woke up just before 6 ready to chat, but somehow fell back asleep until 7. thank you max!

i just put them down for a nap but of course max is unable to stop standing in the crib. hopefully he’ll settle down soon because i could really use a shower. we have a big day this afternoon—physical and occupational therapy at the same time. not quite sure how that’s going to work—should be interesting at least!!

oh, and did i mention i have a little shiner? not as bad as alex’s was, but there nonetheless. i was running for the phone last night and hit my eye on the corner of the nightstand (the charger is on the bottom shelf). nice. if only we had baby-proofed our bedroom already!


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