one potato, two potato, three potato, four …

we learned so much today at occupational therapy. take a look at the new face of dinner at the allen house …


that’s sweet potatoes three ways—pureed, pulpy and chunky. neato!

let me backtrack a moment, to say around 2 this afternoon. i took the boys to their appointments, which were at the same time at the same place but in two separate rooms with two different therapists. we brought alex to the physical therapy room first and left him with kim, who he knows and loves. he’s been seeing her regularly since he was just a tiny tot. still hard for his mommy to leave him, but i knew he was in good hands.

then, max and i went with jessica to the eating room. let’s just say max had a feast! we started with pureed green beans, since those are pretty much his favorite. also on the plate were mashed up pulpy green beans and full green bean pieces. jessica had us do puree a few times. then we added a tiny bit of the pulpy beans to the puree. we did a spoonful with texture and then a spoonful of just smooth. we did this a couple of times. then we did just the pulpy beans. a spoonful of pulpy, a spoonful of smooth. you should have seen his face! then we worked up to bite-sized beans. wow!! he did great. so great, we eventually moved on to spaghetti and meatballs. yes, you read that right. our little max, the one who doesn’t eat, ate a whole bunch of spaghetti and meatballs. of course it didn’t exactly look like a plate of spaghetti and meatballs—more like rice-sized pasta noodles and meat sauce. he was so happy. and messy!! why didn’t i think to take the camera???

anyway, when it was time for dinner tonight, we followed jessica’s lead only with sweet potatoes instead of green beans. i used stage 2 organic sweet potato puree from gerber and then cooked (yes, i cooked) organic sweet potato cubes, half of which i mashed to a pulp and the other half left chunky. the boys ate a ton. even alex did well, though he really liked to show me the pieces in his mouth. we didn’t do a pasta tonight, but that is definitely on the grocery list!


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