easter sunday


the allen four had a great easter at ceecee and grandpa’s house! the boys were delighted that the easter bunny had left baskets for them there as well—with bunny rabbits and chickee finger puppets and cookies and colored eggs and the sweetest-ever baby prayer book. wow!

and they had fun getting all dolled up, too. their first easter outfits were precious—they looked like proper, british gentlemen in their navy blue embroidered linen shortalls—only with hip shoes.




my parents’ place looked great and i can’t believe what lengths they went through to baby proof for us. easter dinner was fantastic, especially the macaroni and cheese (patti labelle’s recipe) and british potatoes. mmmmm. great job, dad!! the boys even ate some! they had tiny bites of ham, pasta, carrots and for dessert—ice cream! woweee!


we had to drive straight to charlotte from my parents’ house last night since alex had a double appointment early this morning and then again this afternoon. once we got the boys loaded up we realized we hadn’t taken any pictures with ceecee and grandpa! instead of unloading, we improvised. turned out great!!


thanks for a great easter! we love you!! xoxox.


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