go take a hike


a few weeks ago at the dogwood festival we ended up talking to a couple who had their baby in a backpack. unlike most babies we’ve seen in backpacks, this baby looked happy. she sat up high, could see around her mom and was all smiles. we asked them how they liked it and they couldn’t say enough good things about kelty kids. we did some research on our own and decided the boys needed to have them.

we stopped at rei this morning and tried them out in the store. the boys were so excited! the store manager said we could take them home and try them out, so that’s just what we did. unfortunately, about oh, two minutes into our walk, it started pouring down rain. so, we hiked the urban jungle—the many parking decks of buckhead.

here are daddy and alex in the buckhead grand canyon:


and climbing tower place peak:


max and mom breaking all the rules:


daddy and alex making sure it’s safe to come out of the parking deck, er, secret cave:


and a group shot in one of the urban jungle windows:


we had a lot of fun on our 45-minute hike through town. both tripper and i reported slightly sore backs, but i think it’ll just take a little getting used to. i think these packs are a great alternative to a stroller walk around town and a nice way to get to a park. also, we have a family reunion coming up in july at a woodsy cabin. these will be great to actually use on a real hike, too!


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