brilliant idea?

you know we are trying to sell our condo in favor of a place with a little more space, right? and you know how bad the market is, yes? and you know we’ve had exactly half a dozen people come through to look. so, i’m thinking we may be here a while.

with that in mind, i’ve been trying to figure out a way for our space to be more user friendly. we need things that work for the boys, but also for their daddy and me. and then i stumbled across this …


it’s an activity table that grows with your child (it has two additional sets of legs). i think, set at it’s lowest setting, it could double as our coffee table. the dimensions are a little bit smaller—it’s 15 inches high as opposed to the 18″ tall table we have now. and it’s a few inches less wide, but it’s got that cool paper roll that lets you pull a big sheet of paper over the table to draw on, plus it has two storage bins for hiding toys and baby junk. and it grows into a sweet table to put chairs around when they are old enough to sit in a little chair (and we hopefully have moved to a bigger space). plus, it has a third setting in that it turns into a regular-sized desk for when they are in school and have homework.

it comes in espresso, honey and white. i’m thinking espresso, even though our carpet in there is brown. later when we add chairs, we can add white ones. i think that would look cute.

what do you think??


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