not me! monday

i learned about not me! monday through my friend kristi’s blog. it’s a sort of group confession of all the splendidly embarrassing moments motherhood brings that you might typically keep to yourself or maybe (maybe!!) share with only your very best friend. “being brutally honest and living to tell about it” is the motto of not me! monday. i like that!

ok. here goes mine. i hope you don’t think less of me!

i did not change an up-the-back, explosive poopy diaper in the trunk of the car for all the world to see because it was easier than carting not one, but two ready-to-hit-the-town boys back upstairs to the condo. nope, not me!

and i certainly didn’t take the soiled onesie and stuff it into an empty, used starbucks cup because i hadn’t thought to pack any plastic bags. who would do that? not me. that’s for sure.

and i most definitely did not drive off with the wadded up pile of dirty wipes and the ever-so foul poopy diaper on the hood of the car until we could find a trash bin. nope. not me!

whew! that felt good to get off my chest! head over to not me! monday‘s sponsor—my charming kids—to read what she and everyone else have not been doing this week.


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