the harder they fall, the more i cry

last night alex took a tumble and bumped his head. of course it happened during the one hour his helmet was off, so to be on the safe side we called the night nurse line—the last thing i wanted to do was put a helmet on a head that may swell. it didn’t and so far he’s ok, but we’re to keep an eye on him until tomorrow. if he vomits, acts irritable beyond consoling or has two different sized pupils it’s time to call the doctor.

this morning, max fell inside his crib face first into the slats. i didn’t realize how nasty the fall was until we were under the bright lights at the occupational therapist’s office and i noticed a sort of bluish spot on the bridge of his nose. my poor baby! again, same advice—vomit, irritability, pupils and we call the doctor.

good grief. my heart cannot take this. can someone tell me again when this stage ends? i love those boys so much. i’m so excited they are growing and exploring and trying new things, but i can’t stand to see them get hurt. i just want to keep them safe.


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