teething misery


it’s been a rough couple of days for mr. max. he is teething hard and my heart is breaking for the little guy. i think he may be cutting the bottom two and top two at the same time. every morning i wake up expecting him to have a full set of choppers, but no—still the corn cob looking, painfully red, swollen, drooly gums he had the night before. at one point i saw a tiny bit of his bottom tooth poking through, but it seems to have gone back in. is that possible??

anyway, lots of sleeplessness in our neck of the woods. only alex is getting a full night. also lots of screaming. our pediatrician says no to baby orajel, so we are just using tylenol. it works for a few hours and he’s a happy boy. but it wears off before we can give it again and the little guy is in such pain. he doesn’t want to eat much—just ice chips in the mesh feeder. he’ll take his bottle ok, but isn’t super happy about solids right now—he just sort of wipes what goes into his mouth all over his face. poor little bug.


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