grocery shopping—allen style

we haven’t quite figured out the best way to do the grocery shopping. one of us going alone late at night means a grumpy, tired errand runner and no valet to help bring up the groceries. (sure that sounds pathetic and whiny, but you try toting groceries through a parking deck, down five flights, through two heavy doors, across the lobby, into the elevator, up 17 flights and down the hall. not easy.) one of us going alone during the day on a weekend cuts into family time. holly taking two boys by herself during a weekday is just laughable (trust me, i tried). i think we may be on to something here …


tripper? check.
holly? check.
alex? check.
max? check.
coffee. times two? check.
back packs. times two? check.
granny cart? check.

grocery shopping has never been better. the boys like the hike over to the disco kroger—they get to ride in the backpacks. they also like the time at the grocery store—they get to ride in the carts. toting groceries home in the granny cart is easy enough (according to tripper). sure we look like a band of gypsies, but we get that much coveted family time in and the errands done. and, by going early, the boys are ready for a nap so we can unpack the groceries in peace and quiet. nice.


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