boy toy, the wave and a couple of milestones


two guesses which is my favorite toy. (*hint* it’s the one with the great lashes!!) max has decided it’s far more fun to play with toys inside the toy boxes than out. he’s done this twice now. he’s also started waving, which is so cute. mostly he waves at himself, but every once in a while he turns his hand out the right way.


we hit a few milestones today, but i didn’t get any pictures. both boys stood unassisted for a few seconds each and alex took a few cautious steps toward grandpa. both boys, when asked “where is ceecee?” turned their heads to look right at my mum. i think it totally made her heart all warm (i swear i could smell bacon. kidding!). anyway, my camera was full, so no pictures of any of that. i so learned my lesson and just downloaded all the images to our server so that will not happen again. bad mommy.


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