birthday shots

sadly not the tequila kind, but the kind they stick in your legs.


the boys had their one-year checkup today (it was actually supposed to be tomorrow, but we showed up a day early. thankfully they took us anyway!). they had to get three shots each. i had them dressed in the super cute crab t-shirts they got for their birthday (second day in a row!!) and some khaki cargo shorts. the shorts are a little hard to pull on and i totally didn’t have the heart to yank them up over sore legs. so, we drove home in diapers.

i can’t remember all of their stats—the paperwork is in the car—but i do remember that alex now weighs 22#14oz., and little max has lost weight again—18#2oz. the pediatrician said not to worry. with him being so active, he’s just burning more calories than he’s taking in. she wants us to add calories wherever we can (olive oil in purees, full fat cheeses, butter on everything). we are also beginning the transition from formula to full fat milk. it should take two weeks and then we’ll never have to smell that stinky, stinky formula again!!

both boys are also slightly behind in their verbal skills. they should be able to say three words by now. max still only says eddie and alex hasn’t really said anything consistently yet. sure they both babble like crazy with lots of mamamamas and dadadas and buhbuhbuhs, but that doesn’t count.

also they should be pointing to things they want and clapping their hands. nope and nope. hopefully soon! i’m not too worried yet. if we go by their due date instead of their birth date, they are right on track.


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