the new nursery

i still have two things left to do, but tripper took the boys for a walk this morning and i took advantage of taking pictures of a very clean room. take a look!

the view from the hall.


the far wall of windows. we keep the blinds like this most of the time—open enough so little fingers can’t grab, but closed enough that it doesn’t get too, too hot in there. at night we open them wide to see the city lights sparkle and then they are shut up tight so the morning sun doesn’t wake our sweet, sleeping babies too early.


you can see the “crazy giraffes” hanging from the ceiling fan here. they love the crazy giraffes!


the painted dresser my dad redid has a much more prominent spot in this room. i still can’t believe we almost threw it away. it’s so sweet and the knobs are adorable!


the play table we got for their first birthday. they love walking around and around, banging loud blocks on it and driving their cars across the top. they haven’t really sat in the seats yet—ok by me as it gives buckles and bamboo a place to sit and read.



here’s a view of both the boys’ cribs. we put them in an “L” shape and it really made the room feel big.


alex’s crib. we store their boppys underneath.


above alex’s crib. see the green balloon? i really want to get another one. my mum got this back in february from a kiosk at north point mall. hopefully that kiosk is still there!


a close up of the pictures on their shelf. you are a dork (a greeting card i framed) and an original painting by marisa haedike of creative thursday. love her!


above max’s crib. this was the piece i’ve been so excitedly waiting for—a wall tatoo! sadly, my dad and i pretty much botched the job. there are lots of folds and tears (the installation directions were terrible) that both my parents promise only i can see. from this point, the tree swing will affectionately be called “the monet” since it looks much better from far away. also i still need to put something in the frames, but i’m not sure what. it’ll either be a collection of photographs by tripper or i’ll have the boys finger paint or foot paint something. i’ll keep you posted.


close up of wall tatoo, er monet. see the folds and tears? thankfully it’s a tree. with leaves. i still like it even though.


my favorite part of the room—the stuffy stack. sadly one of last week’s party-goers thought it would be fun to ride the giraffe and broke its neck and one of its legs. we have it fixed as best as possible, but oh it makes my blood pressure rise just a bit took look at it now.


my least favorite part of the room—the plastic toy corner. gotta have ’em, right? but you don’t gotta showcase them!


truck storage—under max’s bed!


the view of the closet.


a friend on top of the tv.


their shelves.


and a piece from my past. this bear hung in my nursery. my mum saved it all these years! he now lives under their light switch.


and there it is!

this has totally made all the difference for living in a small space. even though our master bedroom is teeny now, we’ve been able to take back the living room and the boys have a very safe place to play. all the furniture is anchored to the walls (thanks, grandpa!) and the boys seem really happy. so does their mom!


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