go carts

the boys received two barnes and noble gift cards for their birthday from their little friend reese (thank you, reese!). we went this afternoon and picked out two books—where the wild things are and how to train with a t. rex and win 8 gold medals (a children’s book by michael phelps that was illustrated by tripper’s talented friend ward—how cool that we now own a copy!).

on the way out, we decided to stop by the publix next door to pick up a few things—a loaf of bread, a container of milk and a stick of buttah.

anyway, they had these!!


woweeee! we had heard all about these magical carts but had never actually used one. we scrubbed the thing down with sanitizing wipes and the boys had a blast! they were flapping and laughing and the total center of attention. i loved watching every minute.


out of the store and into traffic—ok, not really, but the publix parking lot can be pretty scary at times. the boys were fearless!


i can’t wait until we run out of milk again!


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