say, say oh playmate

the past few days alex and max have actually started playing together! up until this point they mostly stared at, stole from and fought with one another—but times seem to be a changing!

they’ve invented this silly game where they crawl as fast as they can in opposite directions, crossing in the middle, and then turn around to face each other and laugh. it’s hysterical!

i’ve been trying and trying to catch it on video, but whenever i pull out the camera they stop. so the other night i set up a spy camera. i waited too long to put it on, but i did get a little bit of the fun. both were exhausted—max was pretty much moving in slow motion after zooming back and forth—and alex had stopped crawling completely, but at least you can hear a little bit of the laughing.

they’ve also started rolling the ball to each other. i’m going to be keeping that camera handy!! stay tuned!


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