letter: month 13

i wasn’t sure if i was going to keep up with these letters after your first birthday, but how could i not? you two are doing so, so much!!

you are eating us out of house and home! you name it, you eat it! hot dogs, bacon, eggs, ham, chicken, peas, corn on the cob, waffles, pancakes, cottage cheese, apples, peaches, plums, nectarines, apricots, bananas, goldfish, pizza, pasta, bread, crackers, cookies, turkey, grilled cheese, hamburgers, french fries, tater tots, sweet potatoes, potato potatoes, green beans, pudding—you love food! but only if you can put it in your mouth yourself. and you absolutely love eating apples like a big boy. you let us hold the apple and then you go to town. mmmmmmm, slobbery apple!


you have made the switch from formula to whole milk and are doing quite well with that. you don’t drink quite as much (there always seems to be a little left over), but i’ve heard that’s pretty common. i can’t believe how much milk you boys guzzle down—we are going through three and a half gallons a week! i can only imagine what the fridge will look like come high school. 😉


you find lots of things fun and funny. i love to hear you laugh! it’s gleeful, truly. daddy makes you laugh by singing the alphabet song and for some reason you think it’s hilarious when mommy asks you the time. for the record alex, the phrase is time is money, not time is funny. (just wanted to make sure you understood.) max can make you laugh with just a simple look and you are starting to laugh at the right spots in your stories and shows.


you love cruising around on the furniture and absolutely love when someone holds your hands to help you walk in the places you otherwise couldn’t go. the smile on your face is huge! the minute your helper stops for a rest though you get so upset! i’m sure you’ll be walking on your own in no time—you are on the move. you can’t even sit still for diaper changes anymore—you want to go, go, go! this makes it hard for mommy and daddy and several times we’ve had to resort to changing your diaper while you walk around your play table.

daddy and i have noticed that you are a natural in the pool. you get very excited for swimming. you kick your back feet like a frog and voluntarily stick your face in the water. you still need to learn to keep your mouth closed when you do that, but i think you’re slowly catching on!


and finally, the helmet is off!! your head is round! i can’t seem to keep my hands off your head and face. luckily you seem to like that. it’s hard to believe all that stuff is behind us now. you were such a little trooper and did so well. we did have a small spell after the helmet came off where you couldn’t fall or stay asleep—it’s as if we took away your security blanket—but after a few nights of tough love, you were sleeping soundly again. hopefully dreaming of something sweet.

you are walking! you stagger around like a drunken sailor, but you do it with purpose and absolutely no help from anyone! to see you is delightful! you are so small and look so cute and are so very proud of yourself. we’re proud of you, too, pumpkin!


you’ve started chatting and babbling like never before. we can’t really understand you, but you sure have a lot to say! we have figured out that your word for ball is doh. you say it with such conviction that i sometimes find myself wondering if you are right and i’ve been wrong all these years.


you’ve been a great sleeper this month. you don’t put up much of a fight, but you do like to have your face tickled or back rubbed to help put you to sleep. if we are rubbing your back, you rub the bed. it’s the cutest thing. you rub in similar sized circles until you drift of to slumberland.


eating is again a bit of a struggle. you drink your bottles, all milk now, but you are having a bit of trouble with the finger foods. you like to put pieces in your mouth, but seem to have trouble chewing and swallowing. the end result is two cheeks packed full of barely chewed food. it’s like you don’t really understand the process. insert food, chew, swallow. insert food, chew, swallow. we are working hard to fix this. i’ll keep you posted!! on the other hand, you totally are getting the sippy cup—not for milk—but for water and a little juice. at some point we are supposed to switch your day-time bottles over to sippies, but until you are eating well, i’m not going to mess with a good thing.


you also are finally letting me really brush your teeth! you much prefer the little blue over-the-finger toothbrush to the toddler one, so that’s what i’ve been using. i can’t tell you how relieved i am to know that your cute little teeth—you have six now—are not going to rot out of your head!!

i love my big boys!



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