oh, alex!

alex did two very memorable things today—one that made my heart smile and another that made me laugh out loud.

1. heart smile
after the boys woke up from their nap, while we were (impatiently) waiting for the bottles to heat up, i showed them their awesome first-year scrap book that ceecee put together for them. we got to a page that had this picture …


both boys were grinning from ear to ear at daddy. and then alex climbed up the album, bent down and kissed tripper’s face. oh. my. god. when he popped back up, his smile was so big i thought his head might crack open. and my heart totally did.

2. lol
i was showing the boys how the sorting box works except we were using a little container of play-doh because the real circle piece was on the other side of the room. under a bear. under the crib. anyway, i was explaining how there was only one special slot for the circle shape. all of a sudden alex got a look in his eyes like he understood. he took the container of play-doh, bypassed the sorting box completely and insterted the canister right between mommy’s other twins (if you know what i mean)—a perfect fit!


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