puff daddy


something is wrong with tripper. his face is all swelled up and parts of it feel numb. his upper lip area is so swollen and stiff it doesn’t even move when he smiles. he’s been to two doctors three times and we still don’t really know what’s going on. so far one doctor has told him he has an infected sore in his nose. he got a pack of steroids to take and was sent on his way. the second doctor said it’s likely some kind of bacterial infection in his sinuses. he told tripper not to take the steroids and prescribed an antibiotic and something else. he said for tripper to come back friday morning—that’s where he is now—and he’d re-evaluate.

poor babe. he’s in quite a bit of pain. he’s running a low-grade fever, so we know his body is fighting. and alex keeps looking at him funny—like he doesn’t recognize. i pray he’s back to his old self soon. this has been a hard year on tripper. he’s been sick more times this year than in his whole adult life. he blames the flu shot he got last winter and i’m starting to wonder if he’s right. lots of colds, an infected stye, high blood pressure and now this. it could also be lack of sleep and being generally run down. oh, and there’s always stress.

anyway, feel better, babe. we love you! xoxo.

ps—below is his regular face, in case you forgot!


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