it’s back.

the boys’ school just called. to say my heart sank is an understatement. the boys are just fine, but alex refused to eat his lunch today. and since that is so far from the norm, the teacher took his temperature. his fever is back. 101.7°. no cause for alarm, but cause to come pick him up early. tripper cleared his schedule so i could finish out the day. (tuesdays and thursdays are big days for me at work.)

i must say this is really foreign ground for me. before my difficult pregnancy (bed rest, etc.), i’d only ever missed a few days of work total. aside from when i got the chicken pox at 34 years old, i could count on my right hand the number of days i missed—in 15 years working! now i feel like i’m missing them left and right. tripper, too. ugh. does it get any easier? i want to be a good mom, of course, but also a good employee. i’ve been a life-long goody-two-shoes. this part is hard.

i noticed last night that alex’s gums looked a little red and puffy. i’m hoping this fever and disinterest in food is just teething. i’ll keep you posted!


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