men at work

every day since the beginning of june we have had construction crews on scaffolding hanging from our building. the noise has been loud enough to rattle your teeth and it’s been so hard to concentrate working from home. well, things are finally about to wrap up on their little project (tearing up and reinforcing every single balcony on the building). i’ll miss them in a way—and i know the boys will too—waving as they go by our windows three or four times each way every day, providing cokes and granola bars and having quick little chats. it was almost as if i’d had some co-workers here!

so, as we saw them on their way down for lunch today, tripper had a brilliant idea. “grab the camera, holly!”


a handshake. 17 floors up. one man on the balcony. one man dangling from the building. wow. congratulations on a job well done, guys! we will miss you! though i must confess, we will not miss your jackhammers—at all.


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