bad hair day

this morning as the boys were eating breakfast, i noticed that max’s hair was way in his eyes. (you totally know where this is going, right?) i thought i’d trim his bangs just a little so he could see. everything was going great. i was being super careful and taking off just the tiniest little bit off the ends. well, just as i snipped, the kiddo turned his head and—well, let’s just say there is a big chunk of bangs missing from one side. it’s terrible. i feel so, so badly!

he wouldn’t let me do any more cutting, which is probably for the best. i tried to fix it by adding a little hair gel, but i doubt it will stay all day. ugh. and just in time for thanksgiving.

bad mommy. bad.



oh boy. so how long do you think until that little missing wedge grows out? tripper and i have talked it over and we’ve decided not to try to fix it—it’ll just make it worse, like jim carey’s hair in dumb and dumber. instead, i’m going to try to part it on the side of the snip and use some gel. too bad little boys don’t wear hair clips!

boy am i mad at myself. i’m so sorry, max. 😦


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