two firsts!

1. the boys ate chick-fil-a—and they loved it! i have never seen either one of them gobble up chicken so fast. they took their time with the fries, refused the fruit and even said no to their brownie. eat more chikin is right!

ps—did you know they give you sticky toddler placemats there if you ask for them? cool!

2. we were coming home after being away a few hours and just before we arrived alex decided to take a big, stinky poopy in his pants. instead of changing him in the back of the car, we decided to take him upstairs where everything is just plain easier. so, instead of taking him out of the carseat and plopping him onto his poop-filled diaper in the stroller, we let the boys walk! they walked through the parking deck, onto the parking deck elevator, through the breezeway, into the vestibule with the doorman, into the main lobby, across the lobby, into the elevator, off the elevator and onto their floor and all the way to the front door.




you guys, it was kind of adorable! especially when ouzeman, the doorman, opened the door for them. they are growing up! sorry for the blurry pictures, but it was poorly lit, the boys are lightning fast, and all we had was our iphone. at least we captured it on film!!


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