and better!

welp, looks like that bad stuff i mentioned was just the tip of the iceberg. alex’s sickness that spread to max spread to me late saturday night. i don’t remember ever spending a night that miserable. the frequency and force was so that i found myself wondering if anyone had ever suffocated while tossing their cookies.

anyway, sunday came and the boys seemed to be on the mend. tripper watched them most of the day as i grumbled and groaned. they had worked up from clear liquids to bland food and ate some bread and bananas. and then, around 11pm, alex started throwing up again. and then max joined in. at 3am we were told by the on-call doctor to get max back to the er as he showed signs of dehydration. so we scooped up the kiddos and headed back to scottish rite, where we stayed all night. max was pumped full of fluids and given a drug to stop the nausea through his iv. alex’s case wasn’t so extreme. he was given a dose of zofran orally, same as friday night.

so far today, they have kept it all down. poor kiddos are so sleepy. so are their mum and dad. fingers crossed we kick this soon.


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