thank yous all around


now that we are settled (and i use the term loosely—you should see the garage!), i wanted to send out some really huge thank yous to our friends and family for all the help, enthusiasm and support they gave. we’d have been lost without you!!

we did this move college-style to save money—never even rented a truck—and we have lots of people to thank. uncle scott, thank you for helping tripper pack! not knowing until the 11th hour if we were even getting the house meant we hadn’t packed a single thing. you did a great job—not a broken bit yet!! papa ger’ and great uncle skip, thank you for supplying a truck, a trailer—and some much needed muscle—to move the heavy stuff!  thank you to pat, who happened to be here at exactly the right (wrong?) time to help unload that heavy stuff. a big thank you to kit for keeping us full with delicious homemade goodies and drinks while our kitchen stuff remained buried deep in boxes and for lending an ear. every day. for weeks and weeks. thank you to amy, for dropping by on her vacation to provide a much-needed break and some girl-talk, and to mommyrt for liking the house and making us feel like we’d made a really good choice. thank you to the prathers for lending the boxes and to their daughter for giving me the biggest smile i’ve had in a really long time! thank you to mama lin’ for keeping the boys happy and busy and safe while we got things done over at the condo and for all the perfectly timed hugs. thank you to jenny for being jenny! thank you to the crew at tripper’s work for being understanding when he didn’t show up two days in a row! thank you to my online mommy network for the much-needed support and positive attitudes! thank you to my mum and dad for the (literally) back-breaking work cleaning, scrubbing, painting, installing, uninstalling and the even more difficult task of watching the boys while we had no help over the holidays. thank you to all our friends and family. without you we never could have done this. grazie! merci! thank you! thank you! thank you! we can’t wait to have you over! 😉


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