primed and ready


the master bathroom is now primed and just about ready to paint! yay! buh-bye ugly pinky lox-colored paint!!

i can't even tell you how long it took. first, the taping. ugh. i am so not a fan. there were four doorways, two windows, two mirrors, and two cabinet banks that needed to be taped off in there. i'm embarrassed to say it took me just over an hour and a half to do the taping. and then, after the tape was up and the primer was open, i realized i couldn't use a roller on most of the surfaces. they were just too skinny. so, i had to prime the entire bathroom with a paint brush. i thought using a 4" brush would make quick work, but it turns out i was speedier with a 2-incher.

how long does it take primer to dry anyway? i'm hoping to get at least one coat of paint up before i have to go get the boys at 5:30. anyone care to take a guess what color i picked? i'm a little nervous.


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