holy cow!

it was family night for the boys’ school at chick-fil-a tonight. one of the cows was there! when i asked the boys what a cow says, they both said, “eat mor chickin!” kidding! they mooed. it was fun to see their teachers out of the classroom environment—seemed like everybody there knew who the boys were. and even more fun? they got to see their classmate rhys (reese). i think they got a kick out of that.

alex was a great eater, gobbling up some chicken and french fries and a whole lotta fruit. max, i’m sad to say, chose not to eat. he did suck on a french fry for a while, but that’s it. i’m hoping to find an occupational therapist that will go to the boys’ school to work with max instead of me taking him there. i think it might be time. then again, his hurting ears could still be the culprit. i’ll keep you posted.



3 thoughts on “holy cow!

  1. Your boys are brave getting so close to the giant cow! My boy freaks out and cries like crazy if you bring him anywhere near a costumed person. It’s really quite funny…. bad mommy!I wanted to reach out to you on the occupational therapist. We are still having challenges getting Hudson to eat ANY thing. They are sending us to a spech pathologist at Children’s but I think an occupational therapist is more what we need. Any advice or recommendations??

  2. we have been to see jessica martin at childrens and have loved working with her. she did miracles for max when he went on his hunger strike and refused to eat anything—in my opinion, she saved him from needing a feeding tube. when max graduated, he was eating all sorts of things—from slimey peaches to gritty broccoli to chewy hamburger. i have no idea why he stopped. we’ve been back to see jessica for another consult and she is in favor of us starting treatment again. for max, it’s not skill-based—he can do it—it’s behavioral, meaning he just doesn’t want to. we thought the ear tubes might help out with the eating, but so far they haven’t really. i’m hesitant to go back to jessica, only because his treatment now is likely to be two or three times per week instead of just one. i have no idea how we could swing that. instead, i’m looking at occupational therapists that will come to us, either at school or at home. i’ll keep you posted!!

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