the past week or so, alex has been telling us "poo-poo" quite a bit. he says it and then he does it. now, we are not rushing the potty training—no hurry here—but since he mentioned it and seems to be interested in the subject, we decided to bring home a potty for each of the boys. no harm in letting them get used to the idea, right?

today after school, alex said "poo-poo" loud and clear, so we all piled into the bathroom and sat him on the chair. and guess what?!?! he didn't go! lol. maybe next time!


5 thoughts on ““poo-poo.”

  1. Awesome! it’s a great start, an early start, too! I was thinking of getting the boys their potties soon, too..just to have and maybe get used to seeing it!

  2. We are both living in the same world right now. Just this past weekend Zoe did the same thing, she said poo poo so I went to change her diaper and no poo poo. Got her dressed and back to playing and again she said poo poo, so I asked her if she had to poo poo and she said yes so off to the potty we went. I sang a potty song like 3 times and she danced and then all of a sudden she made "the face" and I knew she had to go so I set her on her potty and viola, she went. We made a big deal of it of course but I think it scared her, she cried and cried. May be a while before she does it again but that is totally fine by us, we too are not pushy the subject. Good luck with the boys. I hear boys are harder to train than girls.

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