i scream, you scream

guess who likes ice cream?!?


that’s right! mister max. he likes ice cream! but only in a cone. and only held upside down. i’m sure that problem will be solved the moment his ice cream plops to the ground. alex loved it, too, but i knew he would 😉

anyway, the boys enjoyed vanilla cones at brusters after a fun-filled day outside. on the way home we got a call from scott and ashley to see if we’d like to meet them at chili’s. why not? we thought. after all, last time we went to chili’s the boys ate really well. and they were so charming.

well, tonight they were anything but charming. (we are blaming the ice cream!!) we were seated after a loooong wait in a booth, which meant the boys had to be in high chairs at one end. which meant they were next to each other. which meant they could gang up. because of the style of high chairs, there was about a 4-inch gap between them and the edge of the table. which meant there was about a 4-inch gap for them to drop food, and forks, and menus and sippy cups and crayons and toys into. the entire time. when we finally finished our dinner, the mountain of crap under our table was just embarrassing. i’m not one to eat and leave a mess, so there i was on hands and knees trying to clean up after our boys. ugh.

scott and ashley took it in stride. they are expecting in august so i could see them making mental notes of what not to do. regardless of the boys’ behavior, we still had fun and hope scott and ashley will risk dining out with us again. the boys love seeing them so!

on a side note, we realized tonight that every single time the boys see their aunt and uncle they are wearing the same thing. yikes! i’ll do better in the future! jeans + their red fleeces is just kind of a weekend staple ’round here. lol.



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