which is better?

i am being indecisive on which bedding to use in the guest room. at some point i want to commit to something because i plan to make an upholstered headboard as a d-i-y project, you know, since i have so much time on my hands. if i go with the stripey bedding, i'll either do gray for the headboard (or i actually have some extra striped fabric). if i go with the blue bees, i was thinking a natural linen colored fabric for the headboard.

so, which is better? stripey or bees??



13 thoughts on “which is better?

  1. Stripes all the way! The blue just seems a bit bland, and I always think a guest room is a good room to try more bold patterns or colors since you aren’t in there every day. I think the gray headboard would look terrific too!

  2. BOTH! If you do the right head board color, you would be able to interchange the bedding if you decided to change it up (fall/summer, etc.)

  3. I have to go with Ash & Kit. I like the bees ’cause I’ve seen it & I love it. By going with a solid, you can accent more easily than with a print or a solid on the walls, tables, etc.

  4. I vote bees – just something about all that sun shining through the window hitting the blue duvet that says, "summer is coming!!" But I like Krisit’s idea about a neutral headboard and switching out.

  5. I like the bees. I haven’t seen ‘it’ in person, but I am pretty sure I know what it looks like. I think it looks more luxurious.

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