st. patty’s eve


i cannot wait to see what is in these bags.

every holiday my parents bring over a little something special for the boys—these were left by our front door yesterday! my mum is a shopper. and she's constantly picking up special little things throughout the year. i know for a fact something in these bags was found well over four months ago, and purchased specifically for st. patrick's day because of the green. she loves to color coordinate and match and seek and find the perfect little presents and the boys have allowed her to tap into a new market—baby stuff—and she is having a ball! presentation is very important to my mum and she goes through great lengths to make the packaging as cute—if not cuter—than the gift inside. love the green froggy appliques, mum!

i was given "permission" to let the boys open these tonight so they can wear whatever is in them to school tomorrow. can't wait! thank you ceecee and pompa!


One thought on “st. patty’s eve

  1. So cute! You must take after your mom because it seems like you were describing yourself! Happy St Patrick’s Day!

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