things are looking up.

though some of us started the morning with fevers and some covered in warm baby puke, today is—dare i say it—starting to look better.

max woke with a 101.3° fever and promptly vomited after i gave him his motrin. all over me. which would have been ok, but i had to scramble to get myself to a follow-up doctor’s appointment and get alex to school on time. (alex’s teacher said he did absolutely fine without max yesterday. he asked for him a few times, but otherwise seemed to really enjoy himself. hmmmmm.) as for me, i made it to the doctor with time to spare, learned i did not have walking pneumonia, which is what we feared, and just need to ride out my meds. i also learned my blood pressure is reading high, i’m between 20 and 30 pounds overweight, i need a complete physical and it’s time to start doing some things for me to get my body back in shape. great!

lastly, eddie finally got his day today. he’s been long overdue for some pampering, so we called in a mobile groomer.


eddie is in that van right now having a spa day. enjoy, buddy!!


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