la x

after our after-school snack, we walked over to the high school where one of tripper's friends from work (don) was reffing a lacrosse match. the boys were a bit grumpy in the stroller on the way over. i think they wanted to walk, but it's just a little too far and a little too busy. once we got there, they had fun yelling stopper! (don's nickname) and climbing up and down the stairs. we saw exactly one minute and 21 seconds of the game before the crankies set back in and we had to head home.



3 thoughts on “la x

  1. crankies are always unpredictable it seems..and unavoidable at this age, right? I like their cute outfits, though!!!

  2. Have you taken the boys to Peachtree Dekalb Airport? We’ve never taken Zoe, is there a playground or something for the kids to play on or just good place to watch the planes take off and land?

  3. tiffany, we have taken them there a few times. they love it!! there’s a great set of swings and fun slide and the planes take off and land right in the background. best playground in town for the toddler set!

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