table manners?

tell me again why the boys are always sick?!?


5 thoughts on “table manners?

  1. I love the laughter- that is so sweet! I try to be careful with the germies but…there is only so much you can do, right? I usually wipe the tables off but then, hey, whatever…:) 🙂 :)Ps: by the way, Patrick does the same thing at home except it’s from the kitchen floor! That’s even worse, right?

  2. Have you seen those plastic tossable place mats that you peel the stickers off and they stick to the table like place mats and then you can throw them away? Love them, I take them whenever we go out to eat because Zoe would rather put her food on the table than eat from a plate or bowl. They sell them at Babies R Us. You could try them when you guys went out to eat and see if you like them.

  3. how adorable! we used those disposable, sticky placemats too. now we have one that suction cups to the table so we don’t have to keep buying the disposable ones…but they are more fun w/ lots of colors, etc…we had the baby einstein ones…it’s how syd learned "dog" since we don’t have a dog hahaha. oh i forget…where did you find those "water bottle to sippy" things?

  4. we used to use those mats, but it takes us too long to get two of them peeled and pressed down!! water bottle sippy things we got at target near the sippy cups!

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