where to even begin?

it’s been a weekend of roller coaster emotions, that’s for sure. on friday i woke up so excited for a day off with the boys (their school was closed for good friday) AND a little gender reveal happy hour scott and ashley had put together. plans quickly changed after we got a phone call from tripper’s parents. they were calling to let us know that they’d be missing the party that night because nonnie, mama lin’s mom, had been hospitalized and they were on their way to go see her. a little while later, we got another call letting us know the situation looked bleak.

scott and ashley let us know they had canceled the party and were headed to mobile at around noon. we followed suit and left around 3pm. the boys were really good on the drive down. it took us just over seven hours to get there—a bit longer than normal thanks to spring break traffic. we went straight to the hospital and got to visit with nonnie. she was not conscious, but we talked to her anyway—gave her our love and our hope and let her know the boys were there for her, too. she passed away about an hour later. god rest her soul. i’m so grateful we were able to get there in time. crazy as it sounds, it’s like she waited to go until all her children and grandchildren had said their goodbyes.

we stayed at nonnie’s house, and i have to say a few things really made an impact on me. one was how many pictures of the boys she had on display. i deeply regret that they never got to meet her and am so glad to know how much she loved them even still. the other things are harder to put into words—little things around the house that made you realize she had plans for later. thank god she went quickly and did not suffer. 

on saturday mama lin’ and her brother had to make all the arrangements for nonnie’s funeral, which is tomorrow. scott, ashley, tripper and i decided to take the boys down to the beach—their first visit to the ocean. alex loved it. max not so much. he hated the sand on his hands and feet. we only stayed a few minutes, and even though max hated it, it was really nice.


today, easter sunday, tripper drove the kiddos and me back to atlanta. the boys slept half the way home and tripper and i got to talk about life and death and family and deep stuff. he hopped a 10:45 pm flight back to mobile for the funeral and i just got the call that he made it safely. i’m sad to not be there too, to not be with the family showing my support—but i was afraid to miss yet another day of work, plus i wasn’t sure how the boys would be. they can be charming and a breath of fresh air, but they can also be the exact opposite.

i hope mama lin’ knows how much we love her. and how much we loved nonnie. there’s comfort in knowing there are those in heaven welcoming her home, like her beloved husband. tripper tells me they were very much in love and are surely smiling together again now. there’s also something comforting to me to know she passed on good friday. and that we were together on these holy days. and that we learned what scott and ashley are having at nonnie’s house, in nonnie’s living room, just steps away from where ashley told me years and years ago that she would marry scott if he asked. i only wish nonnie could have been there for the news, too. i wonder if they told her during their visit.

Madelyn Mathis Baker
A native of Linden, AL and a resident of Mobile for the past 60 years, died Friday, April 2, 2010, in a local hospital. Mrs. Baker was a member of St. Dominic Catholic Church. She was an avid Bunko player, and loved her Bunko group members. A loving and devoted wife, mother, grandmother, and great-grandmother, she will be greatly missed by her family. She was preceded in death by her husband, Murphy G. Baker, Jr. Survivors include her daughter, Linda Baker (Gerry) Allen of Chickamauga, GA; her son, Murphy G. “Grandon” (Cheryl) Baker, III of Mobile; five grandchildren, Tripper (Holly) Allen, Scott (Ashley) Allen, Aimee Baker, Clay Baker, and Kelsey Baker; two great-grandsons, Max Allen and Alex Allen; nieces, nephews, other relatives, and friends.



rest in peace, nonnie. we love you.
may 4, 1927—april 2, 2010  

9 thoughts on “where to even begin?

  1. I am so sorry for your loss; this must have been a tough holiday weekend…and you’ve really made me think…the girls have four living great-grandmothers which we don’t spend nearly enough time with. Sending hugs and prayers your way.

  2. I’m so sorry for your whole family and your loss…what beautiful pictures of Nonnie and her husband. Glad you were able to visit the beach. The pictures of the boys and your family are adorable.

  3. I’m so sorry for your family’s loss Holly. I am so glad that you were all able to get there in time to say goodbye though. Definitely a part of the healing process. They were such a beautiful couple! I love seeing old pics like that. *hugs*(and what are they having?!?!?)

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