three sheets

ok, not really. just two sheets. and two comforters.

tripper and i bought the boys new toddler bedding for their new toddler beds and their new toddler room weeks and weeks ago when alex started throwing his leg over the crib rails (and before our 10% off coupon expired). i thought for sure he’d be over and out any day, but he seems to have stopped doing it. as excited as i am for their new room, i realize i need to live in the moment and stop wishing time away!! from what our friends have said, it may be a while before we need to migrate from the cribs. i can wait. i definitely don’t want to rush things. until then, i can admire the bedding from the shelf in their closet.


isn’t it so cute?? we decided to go with madras plaid for the comforters, since madras goes with everything, and added storybook character sheets underneath. adorable! i can’t wait to hear them comment on the eee-mols (animals). they’re going to love them!


9 thoughts on “three sheets

  1. Crawford moved to a bed at age 3. The other two were 2 1/2 when they moved and that was only b/c i needed the crib for a new baby. I know it’s tempting to move them but beware of the new challenges that a big-boy bed may bring : boys getting up in the middle of the night and not staying in bed for a nap during the day.

  2. good to hear age 3 amy!! we’ve been hearing anywhere from 18 months to 2 and a half. i’ve also heard the longer they stay in the crib, the better sleepers they become and the easier the transition when it’s time. like i said, we are in no rush. but we have everything we need, so whenever the boys are ready, we are too! it’s going to be strange to not have a "nursery" any more! i’m planning to save the cribs and give them to the boys when they have babies of their own. such a sentimental sap! i’m sure there will be all kinds of new rules by then. babies probably won’t even sleep in cribs (and they’ll think, oh the horror! how ever did you put us in those things?!?). lol.

  3. I cannot wait to see their "big boy rooms" because your taste is just beautiful! But I can wait, too. My boys are not anywhere near wanting to get out of the crib, so….:)

  4. Love it!!! Adorable!! Have you already transitioned to the beds? I have a friend whose 23 month olds just switched to them..I won’t makes me so nervous!

  5. we have not transitioned yet. we are definitely waiting until they are ready. alex seemed like he might fly the coop anytime a few months back, but has since stopped flinging his leg over. it makes me nervous, too! i’ve heard a video monitor is a great thing to have when making the switch.

  6. I meant to comment on the too cute bedding (love PBK) and transitioning to beds last week but never got around to it. We, too, plan{ed} to wait as long as possible, but…last night Mallory got out of her crib TWICE!! Help! Did you try anything particular to convince Alex to stay put?

  7. lisa, if mallory is hopping the rails, it’s time. safety first!! i’m honestly not sure why alex hasn’t gone over yet. i’m thinking it’s just a matter of time. i’ve been reading up on it and have come across a few tips, most are common sense, but a few were new to me. let the transition from crib to bed be the only major change going on at the time (forget about potty training, or weaning from binky or bottle while you make the switch).do not keep the crib in the room as well. giving the child the option to sleep in the bed or the crib is a super stressful decision they simply don’t need to make. (this makes me think they both need to switch at the same time, does it you?)let the child help pick the bedding and fill the bed with familiar things, like stuffies and blankies.establish a predictable nighttime routine and stick to it.yipes!! our babies are growing up!!

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