lemonade days and sk8trbois

after thomas day the boys went home and napped for almost TWO WHOLE HOURS! i hurried up and taped off the powder room and pompa came over and primed it. the smell of the primer was awful, so when the boys woke up, we ditched pompa for lemonade days, a fair not too far from our house. thanks for staying, dad!!

the boys loved looking at all the carnival rides—they had everything you remember from the carnivals of yore. it was fun just walking around and people watching. we got a huge chocolate-dipped, frozen banana thinking the boys would love it. they did not. but they did love the kettle corn. yummy!

after the fair, we stumbled upon a skate park. the boys (and their mum and dad) were mesmerized. wow. there were two kids there—jimmy, and some other kid—that were just fearless. oh, and one old dude who got way gnarly with a stroller. punk.



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