mother’s day

i had a great mother's day! it started early (6:30 am) with the boys in the bed and presents all around! so nice!! i got two homemade cards, tiles with the boys' hand prints on them and the cutest yellow and orange striped dog sculpture i've had my eye on! once i find a homes for everything, i'll be sure to post a picture.

for mother's day part two we met the gerry allens for brunch down in decatur. the boys were mostly well-behaved, so it was fun for all. it was great catching up with everyone and the chocolate chip pancakes were delightful!

for mother's day part three we criss-crossed the state and headed north to see ceecee and pompa. thank goodness pompa remembered to take some pictures!! the boys wore themselves out on the neighbor's ride-on toys. we are definitely going to have to get some to stay up there. and they will definitely be two of the same thing—need i say more??

i hope all you mothers out there had a great day!! xoxo!



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