home improvement

my dad has been coming over quite a bit to help spruce up the house before the boys’ birthday party in june. our list of things to do was loooong, and he’s been crossing things off it left and right. thank goodness, because tripper and i—with the good intentions that we had—just didn’t seem to be getting a lot done between work and caring for the kiddos.


yesterday my dad painted behind the shelves in the family room. i love it! i may have to rethink the color of my photo mats now, but the pop of color back there adds an extra richness and finish to the room. now if i could just figure out a rug for that space and what to hang over the fireplace, well that room would be done!!

here’s the list:

  • paint master bathroom (check. we chose slate from restoration hardware.)
  • paint master bath water closet (check. we chose stone from restoration hardware.)
  • paint fireplace (check. we chose silver sage from restoration hardware.)
  • paint playroom (check. we chose silver sage from restoration hardware.)
  • strip wallpaper in powder room (check.)
  • paint powder room (check. we chose stone from restoration hardware.)
  • get/hang mirror/towel bar for powder room (check.)
  • find cute towels for powder room
  • paint bookcases in family room (check. we chose silver sage from restoration hardware.)
  • find rug for family room
  • paint mailbox (check. glossy black.)
  • paint boys’ room
  • paint downstairs foyer/hall (check. we chose stone from restoration hardware.)
  • hang grid of picture frames in dining room (check.)
  • get dining room furniture
  • paint exterior of house (if we get a tax refund this year—yes, still waiting to hear.)
  • repair dry rot around garage
  • pressure wash windows (check.)
  • pressure wash walkway (check.)
  • replace part of boxwoods that died (check.)
  • plant bushes along exposed side of house
  • plant flower bed
  • get flower box for under boys’ window
  • build headboard for guest bedroom
  • make window treatments for boys’ room
  • repair garage ceiling
  • re-caulk shower (check.)

3 thoughts on “home improvement

  1. Isn’t nice to have a family handyman? My father-in-law is always helping with projects around the house that we’d never get done by ourselves. I love the color you chose! We love Restoration Hardware..such a clean look to all their stuff!

  2. I have a beautiful large Persian Rug, its 8 years old, I have had in storage and its pretty badly damaged by moths! Can I get it repaired..? or will I have to throw it away. Ideally I would like to get it restored but not sure of the best place to go?Any advice, tips on cleaning and restoring these beautiful pieces of art, would be much appreciated!Thanks, Laura

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