polo, anyone?

after the allens left this afternoon, we drove all over creation looking for a deal on patio furniture. we didn’t find one, but we did find some polo fields. with horses! brave little alex waltzed right up to the fence. max stayed far enough away to not make a single snapshot!


as we were leaving horse country, a tractor with a big roll of hay on it pulled up to the side of the road. max shouted out, “hey! tractor!” (hay tractor) to which we replied, “well aren’t you just a smarty pants!?” and, not to be outdone, alex then shouted out, “hey! truck!” and wouldn’t you know, there was a truck with a load of hay in its bed driving right in front of us. clever boys.


2 thoughts on “polo, anyone?

  1. You were in my neck of the woods….love leaving the neighborhood and seeing the horses! Reminds me of Kentucky!

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