concerning red dot

update, july 8:
alex visited the doctor this morning and was very glad to receive a bob the builder sticker for being a good boy. the doctor did not think the dot was cancer, or anything to be too concerned about. at the same time, she has no idea what it is. she didn’t think it was a blood vessel or a protruding vein or the start of some kind of mole. her best guess was that it was some sort of response to a trauma in the area—a scratch, a poke, a pinch—something along those lines. she wants us to watch it for the next month. she’s optimistic it will go away on its own, but if it doesn’t or if it grows bigger or somehow changes, she gave us the number for a pediatric dermatologist. fingers crossed it leaves us on its own!!


a few weeks ago, alex woke up with a trickle of blood on his face. i assumed he had scratched himself in the night. he developed a little red scab, which to my surprise has yet to fall off. on further inspection, the little scab looks more like a little growth—see that little red dot? i’m taking him tomorrow morning to get it checked out. any ideas what it could be?


5 thoughts on “concerning red dot

  1. It looks similar to something I have under my eye, which my doctor identified as a raised blood vessel. Apparently nothing to be concerned about.

  2. i used to have multiple ones on my hands when i was a kid.blood vessel near the skin most likely :)i wouldn’t worry at all.

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