my guppies

the boys had a blast hanging out at the kiddie pool—er, cool pool—over at uncle scott’s and aunt ashley’s last weekend. the pool noodles, the rings and a borrowed alligator were a hit! and while alex got a total kick out of watching daddy and uncle scott jumping off the diving boards, max broke out into hysterics. i’m not sure he understood that it was fun and that they’d eventually resurface.


both boys seem so ready to swim, but we have ear tubes to think about. the pediatrician thinks we need to make an appointment with the ear, nose and throat doctor to get molded earplugs made. with our $50 each copay to see a specialist, plus whatever insurance doesn’t cover for the plugs, that seems awfully expensive. any other suggestions for my little fishies??


3 thoughts on “my guppies

  1. Ok, it’s not letting me paste the link because it thinks it’s SPAM, but our ENT recommends aqua earbands. You can do a google search and check out the infant size. 🙂

  2. Check out the website for One Step Ahead. I have the Ear Band It system with the moldable ear plugs for my 2 year old daughter who also has ear tubes. They work great!!

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