friday night fun

the boys had a great time playing outside after dinner tonight. it was a touch cooler—we could hear “funder” and see lightning, but the rains held off long enough for them to have some fun.

alex loved rolling in the grass.


tripper took that picture of alex in the grass by standing on top of one of those green electrical boxes. that was a mistake. why, you ask???


like father, like sons. yep, the kiddos had to have their turns on it, too. they had fun climbing on and jumping off of the big green box. i guess it was safe?

then they moved on to other things, like looking for airplanes we could hear but not see.


and a little game of toddler football. do we have a quarterback in the making?


or an incredible receiver?


uh-oh. another aspiring quarterback? we’ll have to send them to separate high schools!


oh wait. with that follow-through, maybe we’ll be ok at the same high school.


on to a little game of kick the kong.


and then some mischief in the driveway.


and back to playing in the grass.


don’t you just love the little shirts they made at vacation bible school? if you ask the boys if jesus is their friend, they’ll tell you, “that’s what shirt says.” lol. that makes me quite the happy mum.



3 thoughts on “friday night fun

  1. Love them all, but especially the football pics! I hate to tell you this story, but PLEASE don’t let them play on that electrical box. When I was a small child, I was playing on one and fell off. My kidneys went into shock and I spent time in the hospital. I was peeing blood for days. SCARY.

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