the horse whisperers


we took the boys to chastain park this morning to see the horses. we met three—shadow, fender and charlotte. alex touched fender right on the nose. max didn’t dare. but he did warm up to charlotte. she was white with freckles and was eating grass. he also got a kick out of a horse named pinky. he repeated pinky, pinky, pinky over and over and over.



it’s funny to me that alex is the fearless one. i don’t think i would have told you that last year. he really does like to experience new things. yesterday we took them to a classmate’s birthday party at a bounce house place and alex did every ride with daddy. some of them were even scary to me—straight! down! slides! and max? well, max would only go in the bounce house. he had a ton of fun in there though (so did i). and he clung to me the rest of the time, which i didn’t mind one bit. 😉 the pictures totally didn’t turn out, but there are a few funny ones i’m planning to post anyway tomorrow. stay tuned!


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