rug burn

(first the “burn” part of the title):
max woke up this morning hot to the touch. his temperature wasn’t as high as it felt—101°—but it was high enough that school was out. as we got in the car to take alex, max’s temp read 100.4°—the exact number that is the cutoff for not being able to go. he was acting just fine, but we aren’t ones to break the rules. ok, we are ones to break the rules, but not this rule. it’s just not fair to the other kids (and by kids i mean parents). so, we dropped off alex and then set out to have a mommy and me day with max—until 3:30 when tripper comes home to take over and i begin cover duty for work.

we hit up the starbucks for coffee and lemon cake and apple juice and then decided to drive up to the outlet mall just to see what they had. we were hoping for a steal on patio furniture …

(and now for the “rug” part of the title):
.. but instead we stumbled on an area rug. literally, we tripped over the thing. it peaked my interest. in fact, i couldn’t get it out of my head. it wasn’t anything like any of the rugs i’ve been picturing for our space. it had a bold pattern and was a deep navy blue, almost black. we went up one aisle and came back. still there. we went down another aisle. still there. we circled the whole store. still there. finally we sauntered over to it, afraid to look at the price. you guys, it was an 8×10 $899 rug for $149. i’d have been a fool not to, right?


i am no fool. 😉

it’s totally not what i pictured for the space—i was on the hunt for something in a pale silvery blue/gray color—but i really love it. it seems very kate spade to me. and if it hadn’t worked here, i was thinking it would be lovely in the dining room as well. my mum says never to buy anything unless you can picture it in two places in your house. that’s a good rule of thumb.

and now that the rug is in, the room is finally finished. hahaha. you are so gullible! now that the rug is in, i’m thinking i need to do some fun window treatments and make a painting for above the kids’ table. then the room will be done.


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