just like daddy!

alex and max can’t really start the day without their morning coffee.


just kidding. it’s apple juice. but don’t tell them that!


4 thoughts on “just like daddy!

  1. Play date needed! I MUST see these 2 handsome boys before they become men! I want to see the house too, but Izabella looks at these pictures with me and remembers their first birthday party and would love to come visit. Or you could come visit here if you’re coming by your folks house. we’re litterally 5 minutes from them… let me know if ya’ll are intersted and I’ll make Monica come with me! 🙂

  2. How cute is that!! Hey which place did you like better for the boys the aquarium in Chattanooga or the Childrens Museum?

  3. susan, any time! just call ahead so i can clean up their mess!!tiffany, that’s a tough call. you can’t go wrong with either. how’s that for helpful???

  4. love the fact they are starbuck junkies already!!! we might still be coming to atlanta next week, we will finalize the trip in the next couple of days. i am waiting to hear back on a job….. if i get it, we probably won’t make it out. i know i am crazy for going back to work right now, but it’s would be a great opportunity and it’s in denver!

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